Straight From Staten Island, These Are The Best Quotes From The 'Show With Vinny' Premiere


Based on what we saw of Vinny's mother and his Uncle Nino on "Jersey Shore," we were anticipating some memorable one-liners during tonight's "The Show with Vinny" premiere, but we definitely underestimated just how funny/weird/adorable/inappropriate their comments would get. Led by Paola's need to feed and Nino's surprise visit, here are the best quotes from the episode:

"Who's Little Wayne?" - Paola

Parents not knowing the names of your favorite celebrities isn't anything new, but something about the way Paola, who was born in Sicily, was so genuinely curious about Vinny's first guest's background made us giggle with glee.

"You're the gangster of rap, right?" - Uncle Nino

Now, to be fair, Nino probably didn't know that Weezy's past includes a prison stay, but Vinny couldn't help but hang his head in shame when his uncle labeled him a gangster. "Rapper" probably would've been more polite, but hey, it's not that kind of show. And Nino's not that kind of guy.

"Doggie bags! Doggie bags! He likes the sausage and pepper. He loves it." - Paola

Paola and Weezy took a special liking to one another, especially after she fed him a home-cooked meal. Vinny's sister, Mariann, warned the rapper that her mom might try to adopt him, and after Paola ran out the door to send him home with some leftovers, we imagine he was all for it.

"But Wayne, me and you? We're kinda related somehow. I'm Sicilian and you're black, but I'm part...I'm like you, I'm 10 percent black. All in one place, though." - Uncle Nino

Do you need us to spell out what place he's talking about? Didn't think so.

"That's not nice. I don't like her. She made fun of my Snooki. I don't like it." - Paola

Jenna Marbles really should have known better than to mess with one of Paola's favorite people. Mean girls don't get fed.

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