The Vinny Skinny: Before 'The Show' Premiere, Watch Our Host's Celebrity News Report [Video]


There's never any shortage of celebrity news, or blogs that cover celebrity news, but the one thing Remote Control can offer that no other website can is an anchor who still lives at home with his mother (if she was our mother, we'd never move out, either). Every Thursday before "The Show with Vinny" airs at 10/9, its host will be delivering the biggest headlines of the week, generously topped with some comedic sprinkles. How's that for one-stop shopping?

We've got a wide array of topics on the docket tonight-- from Michael Jordan's record-breaking wedding tent to Amanda Bynes' Twitter follies. Watch Vin break down the stories that stood out most, and make sure to check out the series premiere of "The Show" at 10/9c to hear him, as well as his priceless mom, Paola, and borderline insane Uncle Nino, chat with guests Lil Wayne and Jenna Marbles!

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