Who Was The Lesser Of Two Evils On 'Real World': Jordan Or Nia? [Video]


Remember when we wondered whether Hurricane Nia was merely a blip on the radar? Yeah...that was dumb. On tonight's "Real World," the issues between the two biggest s**t-stirrers in the house came to a head, and Nia almost beat the living daylights out of Jordan, coming thisclose to smashing a lamp over his head. Yikes, aren't confrontations like this typically reserved for "The Challenge"?

In the MTV.com "Real World: After Show" clips below, Jordan and Nia may appear calmer than they did on the episode, but tensions still run high as they rehash the incidents that led to one of the most epic fights in "Real World" history. In the first clip, both parties explain how harsh words left a sour taste in each other's mouths -- for Nia, it was Jordan's incessant accusations that she was a gold digger; for Jordan, it was Nia'a cheap shots about his hand and manhood. Frankly, we think they were both wrong...very wrong. We all saw the outcome of their hateful jibes, and it's a miracle things didn't get so out of control that the show's producers needed to step in.

+ Given the fact that Nia and Jordan are two sides of the same low-blowing, confrontational coin, who do you think was the lesser of the evils? Take the poll, then check out the after show clips to hear the two reflect on their dust-up.

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