Check Out The Most Brutal Tumbles (Now In GIF Format!) From The Latest 'Nitro Circus Live'


The biggest fail of the night landed poor Matty in the ER.

As silly as the "Nitro Circus Live" pros are known to act, the tricks they perform on tour are no joke. Their goofy behavior often makes it easy for us to forget how risky their jobs really are, but make no mistake: These brave athletes stare into the face of danger every night as they take on death-defying stunts. Stunts that sometimes result in an ER visit.

Despite how superhuman these guys appear to be, they bruise and bleed just like the rest of us -- particularly on the most recent episode. Let's recap the moments that made us go, "Now that haaad to hurt," and celebrate the fact that at least one pro managed to stick it without being wounded. Every victory counts, people.

Check out Tuesday night's biggest fails, now in GIF format!


Lyn-Z Pastrana leaps across the ramps and lands on her knee pads. Safety first!


Two pros and pyro should be considered a recipe for crash landings.


Poor Matty dislocates his shoulder during this horrific fall.


Monz makes the landing! Nice to end on a high note.

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