Dylan O'Brien Went Full-On Mysterious Hunk On Last Night's 'New Girl' [Video]


Dylan O'Brien plays the goofy best friend on "Teen Wolf" to a tee, and he couldn't be any cuter doing it, but it was pretty epic to see a whole different (i.e. SEX-AY, GUITAR-STRUMMING) side of the actor on last night's "New Girl." Has he been taking lady-killer lessons from Tyler and Tyler?

The flashback-heavy episode featured stories about how each main character lost their virginity, and Dylan played Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) '90s knight in shining armor, rescuing her from a bitter prom date with the simple use of an acoustic guitar, Lisa Loeb lyrics and undone tuxedo tie.

In the clip from the ep below, Dylan consoles a sulking Jess by playing a few bars of "Stay," which is the single greatest love song of all time (sorry, Celine Dion), and going in for a kiss. Unfortunately, her drag of a date interrupts the moment, and just as quickly as Dylan appears, he descends into the mist of the Red Roof Inn hallway, leaving behind only a trace of the tune's signature chorus. "Pretty In Pink," eat your heart out.

+ Check out the video, and let us know which kind of Dylan you like better: the brooding, mysterious musician or the quirky best friend!

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