Mac Miller Makes A Cameo In Chanel West Coast's New Music Video [Video]


Chanel West Coast, Rob Dyrdek and Mac Miller get silly behind the scenes of "Ridiculousness."

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have undeniable chemistry in their hit video, "The Way," but now that Mac's dispelled rumors of an IRL romance with the songstress, he's found another ridiculously cute musician to collab with. Chanel West Coast premiered the vid for her new single, "I Love Money," on today, and her "Most Dope" rapper pal makes a brief cameo in it. Guess Charlamagne Tha God's not the only MTV/MTV2 star Mac's willing to share camera time with!

In the video below, Mac and Chanel are seen chatting while walking down a hallway, and judging by the hip-shop star's familiar blue poncho, the scene was shot during his guest spot on "Ridiculousness." Three cheers for context clues! Rob Dyrdek can also be spotted supporting his blonde sidekick, which makes us wonder if a parade of MTV/MTV2 faces will become a recurring theme in Chanel's music videos. Think fashion bugs Lauren Conrad or Kristin Cavallari will pop up in "Karl Lagerfeld"? We'll find out soon, because the official video premieres this June. Stay tuned!

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Photo: @chanelwestcoast

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