'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Jeremy And Corey Set Aside Their Differences For Ali's Sake


Not many young men possess as much maturity as Leah Calvert's ex-husband, Corey, and current husband, Jeremy. We've discussed how the girls have changed over the season, but this bonus scene from the "Teen Mom 2" finale illustrates how much the guys have evolved, as well. In it, Corey and Jeremy show that they've buried the hatchet to focus on what's most important: being there for the twins.

"I know I'm thankful that Ali has all of us," Leah says as the trio hangs out in the hospital waiting room. Amid this rather tumultuous and dramatic season, it's refreshing to see them push aside their relationship issues in light of Ali's medical condition. Corey, who has been thrown for loop after loop as Leah's moved on with her life, pleasantly surprises the couple with some kind words. "And I just really wanted to say thanks to you, for all the help you've done, too. I mean, it takes a lot of man to step up and take in two kids," he tells Jeremy, who insists it's no problem. It also takes a lot of man to accept his ex-wife's new husband into his life with open arms, so Cor, don't sell yourself short! You're all in this together.

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