Mama Guadagnino Strips Vinny Of His Machismo With Some Childhood 'Show'-And-Tell [Video]


You can learn so much about a person by spending time with their mother, especially when their mother has kept -- and is eager to share -- every single report card, participation certificate, arts-and-crafts project, blue ribbon etc. etc. etc. accumulated by her child since his birth. "[He] was always creative and talented," Paola Guadagnino says of her son's early years during the illuminating show-and-tell video below. Vinny, naturally, is mortified.

Whether she's displaying his first sixth-place horseback riding awards (yes, he wore leggings), Kindergarten diploma (he graduated with a "Bachelor of Rhymes" degree) or Dior communion cufflinks, Vinny's ma beams with pride. Well, until she realizes that the t-shirt he designed for the American Cancer Society features babies smoking cigarettes. "It's terrible, actually," Paola remarks, then quickly shifts the subject to his high school honor roll status. There's nothing like a mother's love...

Noteworthy fact: Vinny rode horses English style, not Western. You'll hear, it's an important distinction.

Check out the video, and make sure to tune in for the series premiere of "The Show with Vinny" this Thursday at 10/9!

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