Ke$ha Snaps Her Dry Spell With A Big Beardo Who Wants To Be Her Little Spoon [Video]


They shop for groceries, take bike rides through the park and lure their big, bearded employees to bed. Stars: They're just

On last night's "My Crazy Beautiful Life," Ke$ha was forced to come to terms with a huge drawback of being on the road: having no time for sex. She almost had a shot with a friendly, facial-haired neighbor during a quick day off in Los Angeles, but her overzealous mother scared him away. And just when things seemed hopeless for the Animal's libido, she found her savior: "tour beard hot guy," as her iPhone affectionately referred to him.

It turned out that tour beard hot guy was just what the doctor ordered. After first meeting at Ke$ha's sound check, the two struck up some heavy flirting until they ultimately got down in her RV one fateful morning. Ke$ha was completely smitten, but when she broke down the details of her indiscretion to her stylists and friends, the scene played out like a "Sex And The City" excerpt: The Beard, who stood at 6' 4", wanted to be her little spoon...

Watch the hilarious play-by-play below!

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