'Girl Code' Aha! Moment: If You Sprinkle While You Tinkle... [Video]

Whether it's why you should love your boobs or why you should not cut your own bangs, MTV's "Girl Code" delivers fresh insight about all-too-familiar topics, and is sure to sometimes have its female viewers fervently nodding their heads while mouthing to the television screen, "Yessss, exactllllly!!!" Oprah calls that kind of catharsis an "aha! moment," which sounds like a positive thing, so we're highlighting a different part of the show each week that made us feel like maybe, just maybe, we're not the loner freaks we originally assumed. Take a look at the latest below.


"Who just lets that s**t ferment in the toilet bowl?! It is disgusting! We are ladies! CLEAN IT UP!" - Alesha Renee

They don't call it the porcelain palace for nothing, ladies. The public restroom at any bar, club or restaurant should be our sanctuary, not a war zone in which we're left scrounging for that one stall that doesn't look like someone's bladder or bowels spontaneously combusted inside of it. While we've all rolled our eyes at that super annoying phrase plastered on the dorm bathroom door, "If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie!" your RA kiiiinda has a point. In the words of Nicole Byer, "Here's a tip: F**king be clean!"

We're pretty sure there could be an entire episode devoted to bathroom "Code" violations, but the clip below does a pretty good job of summing up everything wrong with non-team players. "TELL ME IF THERE'S NO TOILET PAPER!" Shalyah Evans screams with the kind of passion that leads us to believe she's been burned on the girls' room front one too many times. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned mid-pee.

So, instead of being part of the problem, be part of the solution! Unless you're a drunk Jamie Lee, nobody likes poppin' a squat where tons of other lady tush has been before you, so the least you could do is wipe that s**t down before you leave. If you don't, bathroom karma's bound to come back and bite you in the ass...literally.

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