'Awkward' Poll: Will Matty And Jenna Make Compatible Roomies?


Welp, this is "Awkward." On tonight's episode, after getting verifiable proof that Jenna had been sexually active with her boyfriend, Matty, Mr. Hamilton morphed from his daughter's lenient pal into her harshest critic, and immediately phoned Matty's parents to disclose his findings. Naturally, the straight-edge McKibbens weren't thrilled with the idea that their golden child was no longer a virgin, and when they got the impression that the Hamiltons ultimately supported the physical relationship -- as long as Jenna and Matty used protection -- things went from bad to worse, and Matty wound up crashing temporarily on Jenna's couch in protest of their strictness. Sounds ideal in theory, but is it too much?

True, Jenna and Matty spend a ton of time together -- hell, they spent an entire summer as co-camp counselors in adjacent bunks, and a year later, Jenna forfeited a trip to Europe just to snuggle with her significant other -- but there's something to be said for private space, and with midnight kitchen run-ins sure to come and a bathroom that'll soon smell like the nation's leading Axe exporter, close quarters might ultimately repel these lovebirds.

+ Whaddya think -- should Matty try to reconcile things with his parents and move back home, or will living with his girlfriend prove to be paradise?

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