The Mighty Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Was K.O.'d By Kidney Stones. Wish Him A Speedy Recovery!


Ripped Ronnie could take down the biggest, baddest guys at the "Jersey Shore" with one arm tied behind his back, but unfortunately, his muscles can't help him with a few sand-sized foes. According to People, Ron has been struck by a bout of kidney stones, and it seems no amount of gym time has adequately prepared him to put up his dukes and fight this particularly painful battle. He's been down for the count since Saturday!

"Wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone! #KidneysFML," Ronnie recently tweeted, adding he'd rather break a finger than endure the below-the-belt pain any longer. Lots of folks have been sending Ron positive vibes, including his old housemate, Vinny Guadagnino. "Sendin love to my bro @MTVRonnie. He's sick, everyone give him a twitter hug," he messaged to his Twitter followers. Unfortunately, Ron's still at the hospital, but we're sure he'll be back on his feet in no time. With summer just around the corner, every day spent outside of the gym is surely one wasted. On the bright side, he's at least got Sammi to volunteer as his candy striper!

+ Send Ronnie your well wishes for a swift recovery!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer