D-Real From 'World Of Jenks' Suits Up For His Latest Bone Breaking Dance Vid


"Dancing In The Rain" put D-Real on the map, but the "World of Jenks" star's newest freestyle dance video evokes nothing but clear skies. While dressed in his Sunday best, Oakland's most talented ligament stretcher gets down around a public plaza to the sounds of "Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlake, drawing the interest of a little baby who's popped out of his stroller to watch with his mom. A future Turf Feinz member in the making, perhaps?

Though the clip starts simply enough -- with the Californian pondering on a wrought iron bench -- it quickly evolves into something magical, as D-Real begins to distort the human skeletal system in ways that probably defy the laws of physics. D-Real's head winds up beneath his chest, his feet make full revolutions and his back bends downward toward the brick as if he routinely practices the staircase descent from "The Exorcist." In short: We have never felt less nimble. Is there a Groupon to learn how to dance like that?

Check out D-Real's insanely fluid moves, and tune in to "World Of Jenks" next Monday at 11/10c!

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