Peep A Page From Tuesday Night's 'Awkward.' Script


Matty and Jenna have already had their fair share of "Awkward" relationship issues this season (see: lying by omission about a pregnancy scare), and, unfortunately, it looks like things between the couple are only going to get even more complicated. In this exclusive look at Tuesday night's script, Jenna seems fixated on the mysterious new kid, Collin, as Matty drills her for info about why her meddling dad had to go and spill their sex beans to the McKibbens.

While the couple reached a new level of intimacy on last week's episode -- in that they were able to finally talk about how they don't talk -- their communication issues appear to take another hit, seeing that two are engaging in two completely separate conversations at one another, and one of those conversations involves Jenna ruminating about another boy...who happens to be very cute.

+ Check out the page, and tell us what you think the dialogue means for Jenna and Matty's relationship.


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