'Teen Mom 2' Finale Poll: Is There Hope For Jenelle?


This season of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle started off on the right foot. She was getting along with her mother, attending school regularly and, for a minute there, we thought she was going to turn her life around permanently. But as the episodes passed, Jenelle began to spiral out of control, and soon enough she was off the wagon. On tonight's season finale, in the throws of a heroin addiction she went so far as to pull away from everything good in her life, including her own mother.

Barbara's attempt to get help for her daughter didn't pan out the way she hoped -- when she and her boyfriend tried to intervene, Kieffer pressed trespassing and assault charges -- and fearing she couldn't bring Jenelle back from dire straits on her own, Barb had Jenelle committed. Sadly, her well-intended actions sent Jenelle over the edge and drove her deeper into drug dependency, as well as Kieffer's arms, and though Jenelle vowed to get back custody of Jace and write off her mom forever, that was clearly not an option given her current state. This young woman is in deep water, and she may not have a life preserver left.

+ Do you think Jenelle can make it out of the mess she's in and eventually get her mind straight? Take our poll, and for more information on how to deal with substance abuse, head over to MTV Act.

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