Vinny Guadagnino And His Incomparable Mother Take On The Proust Questionnaire [Video]


What is your biggest fear? What is the trait you most deplore in others? These are just two of the deep questions French author Marcel Proust's famous personality test touches upon. It's the ultimate get-to-know-ya game, and because we're still a little in the dark about Vinny Guadagnino's mom, who will co-star alongside her son on the new MTV series, "The Show with Vinny" (premieres Thursday night at 10/9c!), we tasked the two with quizzing each other.

The result was glorious.

Turns out Paola is the sweetest, most loving mother a kid (of any age) could ask for, but she's also funny as all hell. Sample quote from the video below: "Oh, I love Abraham Lincoln, he's my idol." We like Abe, too, but seriously, nothing compares to Paola. She may want to be reincarnated as the second coming of Picasso (it makes more sense in context...sort of), but we think she's perfect as is. Take a looksie for yourself:

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