'Awkward' Sneak Peek: Tamara's Keeping Her V-Card Until Jake Can Say The L Word


Turns out those three little words around which every rom-com revolves aren't just for show -- when it comes to Jake and Tamara, they're a one-way ticket to s-e-x. Tamara confesses to Jenna that she and Jake haven't gone all the way in the "Awkwardsneak peek below, but insists that as soon as Jake says "I love you," she'll be the "First Lady of Hump City."

"Jakara will finally have something over Jakenna," T says of finally doing it with Jake. While he's been saying "je t'aime" since they spent the summer in Europe, it doesn't hold the same weight as their native tongue, and T won't give the green light until he spits it out en anglais. On the other side of things, the prospect of sex hasn't been as kind to Jenna and Matty, especially since Jenna's dad called Matty's parents to let 'em know their kids were doing the deed. Now, it's on Jenna's shoulders to break the news to her beau, and unfortunately, being saved by the bell doesn't appear likely.

Check out the video, and tune in to Episode 4 of "Awkward," Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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