Find Out Why Mario Lopez Is Blue In The Face [Photo]


Mario Lopez is looking a little blue.

La la la la la la, la la la la la... Former "Saved by the Bell" hunk Mario Lopez is stepping way out of his comfort zone for his next acting role, as instead of relying on his trademark dimples and buff bod to do all the talking, he's lending only his voice box to the silver screen. Sing a happy song, because the well-rounded entertainer is joining the ranks of everyone's favorite tiny blue creatures in "Smurfs 2," which hits theaters July 31.

"Doing some voice work for the new Smurfs 2 movie... I play 'Social Smurf!' #SmurfinAwesome," Mario tweeted recently. With close to 800,000 followers and a hosting job that demands a BIG personality, the TV vet seems like the perfect fit for the most plugged-in character in the Smurftastic bunch. And Mario's not the only charismatic powerhouse in the "Smurfs 2" cast -- the soon-to-be father of two is set to star alongside returning cast members Katy Perry (who's reprising her role as the spunky Smurfette) and the talented Neil Patrick Harris. However...Mario's the only celebrity Smurf that can boast having a Twitter account in his character's name: @SocialSmurf is awaiting your follow!


Mario Lopez in the "Smurfs 2" sound booth.

Check out the "Smurfs 2" trailer below, and catch more Mario on "Saved By The Bell" each week on MTV2!

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Photo: @MarioLopezExtra

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