Even 'Code'-Master Melanie Iglesias Struggles With Regular Insecurities [Video]


Melanie Iglesias parties with her "Girl Code" co-stars, Nicole Byer and Jamie Lee.

Topics covered on "Girl Code" range from the humorous (freaky penises and creeping on crushes come to mind) to the more emotional aspects of womanhood, and in this MTV.com interview clip, code-master Melanie Iglesias explains why she thinks her and her co-stars' conversations about insecurities will resonate with viewers more than anything else addressed on the show.

"We all do things that make us feel crazy, but [girls] are all the same deep down," she says in the video. "We all have the same worries and the same insecurities." And that's precisely why, of all the subjects that will be explored, Melanie feels that hearing the diverse cast discussing their own issues will help female fans realize they're not alone in dealing with self-doubt. She even gets the ball rolling by naming her biggest fear: leaving the house without wearing makeup. Starting to feel more normal already?

+ Check out the clip, and free yourself of your own insecurities in the comments!

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Photo: @MelanieIglesias