Jay Cutler Spent His 30th Birthday With Kristin Cavallari In 1983 [Photos]


Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler give WHAM! a run for their money at Jay's b-day bash.

Forget the bright lights of Les Deux. These days, all you really need for a successful birthday party is a blond mullet and a pair of Zubaz. Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler hopped in a time machine over the weekend to spend Jay's 30th birthday the way people might have in the year he was born, and with leg warmers, fanny packs and, yes, even a cigarette outfitting the party-goers, it looks like the bash was the perfect entry into Jay's fourth decade. So, where did he even find those pants? We're asking for a friend...

"The hair is real, the cigarette is fake," the former "Hills" star jokingly tweeted of Jay's '80s outfit. We remember K-Cav celebrating the tail-end of her teen years on TV like it was only yesterday, so to think Camden Cutler's mom will soon be married to a 30-year-old is pretty wild. But when the man of your dreams has hair like Bret Michaels and pants like Poison, resistance is futile and age simply doesn't matter.

+ Check out the photos, and wish Jay a totally tubular 30th!


Kristin Cavallari could have very well been a "Saved by the Bell" mainstay.

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Photos courtesy of @KristinCav