Zach Stone Will Have To Learn How To Deal With Pesky Paps If He Wants To 'Be Famous' [Video]


Zach Stone isn't quite sure when he'll see his name in lights, or how he'll even get on the road to becoming a red carpet regular, but if there's one thing he does know, it's that he won't be left behind mining coal in his coal mine-less town forever. In the "Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous" clips below, Zach begins his quest for fame, and faces his first challenge: not being able to convince anyone in his life that filming himself is a good use of his time. His second challenge, naturally, is preparing for the inevitable onslaught of paparazzi.

"Fame will be my job," he insists to his doubtful dad, who's concerned about his son's aimlessness. "The love of my fans will be my income." But when the novelty of celebrity wears off, and the reality of being public fodder sets in (even if he set it up, himself, in a parking garage...), will Zach be able to keep his champagne wishes and caviar dreams alive? "I'm a human being just like you!" he screams to the practice shutterbugs. It's a glamorous life, but a hard one...

Check out the videos, and tune in to the "Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous" premiere, Thursday, May 2, at 10:30/9:30c!

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