That's What You Said...About The Mysterious New 'Teen Wolf' Symbols

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Leave it to "Teen Wolf" fans to send us back into the classroom. After a recent post went live featuring cryptic symbols that'll appear in the upcoming season, viewers jumped on the opportunity to analyze the etchings, and we got more theories posted to our site than we knew what to do with. Frankly, there are only so many dictionaries and textbooks we can consult for clarity, so we've collected some of the most interesting comments we came across on Remote Control and Facebook for your own examination. Take a look, and tell us if you think some of these could be on the mark.

Remote Control:

"The spiral from Season 1 we learned was commonly a sign of revenge, most notably left by Peter on Scott's car, above the video store, on the dead deer. In Celtic mythology this would most likely be a representation of inward energy, growth, expansion." -- kaycee

"The top and the last one are modified, already existing symbols. Spirals may occur in double, triple or quadruple swirls. Spirals are typically joined to one another in either an "S" or a "C" type format. A relative in the spiral family would be the triscele, sometimes called the triskelion, which has three arms or curls radiating from a common center. But the Alpha Pack symbol is modified. And there are different meanings even for the single spiral for which, as we know, is revenge." -- SterekForever

"The top one looks a lot like a Celtic shield knot, which would symbolize protection, continuation, preservation." -- Harry_Dumi


"The first is a stylized rendering of the many cloverleaf interchanges endemic to the highways of California. Coincidentally, it is also the light countersign to the dark sigil 'odegra' in the language of the Black Priesthood of Ancient Mu." -- Suzi D.

"I think the first is a Gemini zodiac referencing the twin werewolves. Second could be water hinting at the Jackson out of the water scene or Scott drowning himself. Third is Alpha Pack symbol. Or all three could somehow symbolize Scott somehow becoming an Alpha of his own." -- Marcus T.

"I either think it has to do with other pack symbols, Jackson or something to do with Stiles' Mom. We shall see..." -- Bradley B.

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