'Real World' OG Heather B. Defends Cussing On 'Wendy Williams' [Video]


Don't let the sophisticated gray blazer fool you: Heather B. is still every bit as hip-hop as she was way back in 1992 during "Real World: New York." But when Wendy Williams asks you to come on her show and rap (well, not literally) about current events, you dress to impress.

This morning, the reality TV OG added the perfect bit of spice to Wendy's regular "Hot Talk" roundtable segment -- from a middle school ban on strapless dresses to the North Dakota news anchor that was sacked for swearing, the topics ran the gamut, but Heather was reliably honest (and compassionate!). "I curse all the time," she reasoned when commenting on rookie journalist A.J. Clemente's on-air cussing gaffe. "I curse at work, I curse at the people at work. They should fire the guy who left the mic on...not the anchor dude." Preach!

Heather seemed to have a great time, and later expressed her gratitude for the invite. "THANK YOU @WENDYWILLIAMS & your Entire Staff! You treated me like #family #LOVE," she tweeted after her appearance. Check out the segment here:

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