'Nitro Circus Live' Daredevils Make A Dash For The Snow-Covered Finish Line...Again [Sneak Peek]


Racing reindeer in Sweden didn't quite pan out for our pros, so when the "Nitro Circus Live" crew hits the Austrian Alps on the next episode, they favor some man-made machinery in lieu of Santa's furry friends in hopes it'll yield better -- and faster -- results. Always ready for competition, the adventurous gang decides to drag race in a mad dash to the finish, but this ain't your grandma's "Grease"-style race, and it's not RuPaul's kind of "Drag Race" either. We've got ourselves a "Nitro" original!

In the sneak peek below, the teams of three have one man on a snowmobile, one skiing behind and one poor sucker at the end, holding on for dear life. The hangers-on do their best to remain upright, but within seconds, Jolene Van Vugt and "Special" Greg wipe out and disappear into the powdery abyss. Jo gives a quick fist-pump to signal she's fine, and Gregg Godrey's team wins. Man, "Nitro" girl just can't catch a break!

Check out the competition and tune in to new episodes of  "Nitro Circus Live" Tuesdays at 11/10c on MTV2!

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