Murphy's Law Rains All Over Ke$ha's 'Crazy Beautiful' Parade [Sneak Peek]


When it rains, it pours. But when it rains on tour? It throws the whole production for an effing loop, as Ke$ha & Co. come to find out in this sneak peek of the next "My Crazy Beautiful Life."

When one of the buses breaks down on the way to Glastonbury, Ke$ha's tour manager devises a plan to get all of the "essential people" to the festival on time. The essentials include band members Max, Elias and Jenn, but apparently, not Ke$ha's own mother, Pebe. "I don't have any pants," poor Pebe explains as she sits in the English countryside waiting for her ride with the other non-essentials. "Because I peed the ones I had." Guess being part of an entourage isn't always so glamorous.

When Ke$ha and the band finally make it to the festival, an excess of mud hinders their equipment-heavy spectacle, and the team is left scrambling to improvise. When all seems lost, guitarist Max calms K down with some sage words: "Let's just throw everything out and have a good time." Now that's some essential advice.

Check out the clip, and tune in Tuesday night at 11/10c to see how the concert turns out!

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