'Real World' Sneak Peek: Crafty Nia's Got Marlon's Panties In A Bunch


Hurricane Nia seems to be picking up speed, and possibly even triggering other natural disasters. On the next episode of "Real World: Portland," she's working her flirty magic to get on Jordan's good side, but Marlon -- who's fed up with Jordan's cocky attitude -- is not content with his house BFF getting cozy with his adversary, and in the sneak peek below, he's thisclose to a storm watch of his own. Beware Typhoon Marlon!

"I'm pissed with Jordan," Marlon says to the camera, while Jordan and Nia giggle together during their walk home. "And now, Nia's over here, one arm on his shoulder, saying sweet nothings in his ear. Like, really?" But could this all just be one of her convoluted games? "Apparently she's trying to mind f**k him," Jessica says, trying to console Marlon. Ah, that Nia -- always one step ahead.

+ Think Nia has a genuine connection with Jordan? Or is she just waiting for her prey to let his guard down before going in for the kill? Check out the video below and share your theories, and tune in for an all-new episode, Wednesday at 10/9c!

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