In Honor Of 'The Show With Vinny' Premiere, Check Out Vin's Classic 'Jersey Shore' Moments! [Video]


As Summer 2013 (very slowly) approaches, we're faced with the hard truth that our TVs will be without "Jersey Shore" for the first time in years. But with "Snooki & JWOWW" delivering a solid Season 2 and "The Show with Vinny" premiering next week, MTV is definitely seeing a guido Renaissance. Celebratory fist pump? Don't mind if we do!

On May 2, Vinny Guadagnino and his family will open up their Staten Island abode to Hollywood regulars like Ke$ha and A$AP Rocky. Still, as long as Uncle Nino and Vin's mom, Paola, keep him in check, Vinny will never get too big for his britches, and, even though he's all grown up and hosting his own show, he'll always be that Seaside Heights little brother his housemates came to love. Check out some of Vin's greatest "Shore" moments below, and hold tight for the very first episode of "The Show With Vinny," Thursday at 10/9c!

Vinny contracts a dreaded case of pink eye: After a wild night out dancing with local Seasiders, Vinny discovered his eye was irritated and swollen, and faced the embarrassing task of telling his housemates and new boss, Danny, that he had conjunctivitis.

Vinny and Snooki hook up: Snooki claimed she just wanted a cuddle buddy for the evening, but as soon as she jumped between Vin's sheets, snuggling turned into gettin' busy, and the housemates officially kicked off their relationship as occasional hook-up buddies.

Vinny's family visits Miami: Paola, Uncle Nino and the whole Guadagnino crew stopped by Miami for a visit and turned the house upside-down. Sunday Dinner would never be the same...

Vinny and Ramona's romantic day out: After some roadblocks, Vinny finally got the chance to take his Romanian crush, Ramona, out on an official date in Miami. The two spent the day together, had a picture perfect beach picnic that ended with a sweet goodnight kiss.

Vinny takes threesomes to the next level: To make his permanent mark in the "Jersey Shore" house, Vinny challenged himself to bed not one, but two lesbians he met at the bar -- at the same time. It seemed like a long shot at first, but ultimately, Vin did the impossible and nailed it...literally.

Vinny and Pauly D turn the house inside out: Before the rest of the housemates returned home from camping, the two troublemakers decided to shake things up. They took every piece of furniture inside the house (we're talking beds, dressers and even Crocodilly), set it up on the deck, and redecorated the house with the outdoor furniture. Best prank ever!

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