'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Corey And Leah Come Together For Ali's Muscle Biopsy


Between nailing her physical therapy session and finally walking on her own (!!), Leah's daughter, Ali, has been on the right track lately on "Teen Mom 2." But during the most recent episode, Leah found out that Ali would need one more test for clarity on her condition, and in the heartbreaking sneak peek of the upcoming episode below, Corey and Leah tear up as Ali gets prepped for the procedure.

As Corey looks around at all of the medical equipment, he's overcome with emotion, and he can't hold back his tears while he and his ex-wife wait for the doctor. "She'll get nervous," Leah whispers to Corey, urging him to pull it together before the anesthesiologist comes in. The doc explains that Ali will have to be sedated for her muscle biopsy, and Leah conjures the strength to comfort her little girl as she's being put under. Going into surgery is scary for anyone -- particularly a 3-year-old -- but Corey and Leah do their best to calm Ali down, and before they know it, she's ready to go.

Check out the sneak peek, tune in to the 90-minute "Teen Mom 2" finale Monday night at 10/9c and be sure to catch this weekend's Teen Momathon (which includes all seasons of "Teen Mom 2") starting Saturday at 8a/7c.

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