Mr. Beautiful Has Gone And Torn His Pec! Wish Kenny Santucci A Speedy Recovery [Photo]


Kenny Santucci has one hell of an injury to contend with.

Considering Kenny Santucci once carried his partner, Wes, up a mountain during "Rivals," we're surprised a debilitating injury hasn't come down on the consummate Challenger sooner. Poor Mr. Beautiful has torn his pec muscle, and he shared the bad news with his Twitter following earlier this week, along with a post-op photo of himself wearing a sling so serious looking, we think he may have borrowed it from Batman. Does this mean the fan fave will be on the sidelines for a while?

"Not too bad. Gonna pass out. thanks for all the wishes! No pain no gain!" Kenny tweeted after a surgery to repair his wounded chest. "It's gonna set me back a few months but everything happens for a reason." Say it ain't so! Kenny seems to be a staple of the Crossfit training program these days, and perhaps went a little too hard with the heavy bench-pressing or box push-ups. Hang in there, man! Hopefully we'll see you back on the battlefield again soon.

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Photo courtesy of @KennySantucci