'Real World' After Show: Nia Claims She Was Never Headed 'Downtown' In Portland [Video]


Now, as history-making as it would have been had Nia decided to call Jordan's bluff and give him a you-know-what during tonight's "Real World: Portland," the new housemate put the breaks on their weird game of chicken before it got too far. Let's all just breathe a sigh of relief that even Hurricane Nia has her limits! In the MTV.com "Real World: After Show" clip below, the reigning king and queen of poker-face recall the moment it all went down (not literally, of course).

Jess gets right to the point: "Were you really gonna give Jordan a bl** job?" she asks Nia, who vehemently denies it was even a possibility. "I give a phenomenal BJ, but I didn't like you," she tells Jordan, who claims he knew she wasn't serious from the start. "She's just tryin' to call me out in front of all these people," he says, and admits that even though the whole thing was kind of crazy (cough, understatement of the century, cough), at least they got a good smooch out of it. Nia concurs: "That kiss was cute as hell! I don't care what anyone says, that kiss was hot." Glad they're finally agreeing on something. Let's hear it for small victories!

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