'Real World' Poll: Is Jessica A Good Girl Or Just Not That Into Tyler? [Video]


Love (or lust, at the very least) is no stranger to "Real World" this season: Johnny and Averey are adorable, Bird has her BF back home and even Nia and Jordan nearly hooked up on tonight's episode. But for Jessica, Portland's resident Southern belle, intimacy isn't something she's quite ready for after being burned by her last relationship, and in the MTV.com "After Show" clip below, Jess defends her insistence that her date, Tyler, sleep on the couch after having one too many.

"I know him enough to like him, but I don't know him enough to let him in," she explains to Nia and Jordan. "It was kind of a test for me." According to her, Tyler was well aware that she wasn't ready to move quickly (a kiss wasn't even on the agenda, supposedly), but Jordan says he thinks Tyler's gentlemanly behavior was an effort to hide his bruised ego. It wouldn't be the first time a guy's tried that angle...

+ What do you think -- is Jess a good girl who's being judged too harshly, or is she stringing Tyler along for a ride she doesn't actually want to be on? Watch the video and take our poll!

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