'Crazy Beautiful' Ke$ha Says She Hopes Viewers Will Embrace Their Imperfections [Video]


On last night's "My Crazy Beautiful Life" premiere, we got a good indication that Ke$ha is not the superhuman brick house she appears to be on stage -- and that's precisely what the outrageous pop star intended. She decided to have her life filmed for two years so the millions of fans that flock to her concerts can see her vulnerable side, and realize they're not alone.

"I'm really putting it all on the table, so I really want them to feel like they really know me," Ke$ha tells MTV.com in the exclusive interview below. "I hope what they take from the show is that I'm totally imperfect, but I embrace it." She admits that getting her brother to quit his job and document her travels full-time "took a little convincing," but that the finished project is well worth it, and has helped her grow her craft.

"The whole process has really made me value the songwriting, and making sure the songs and the words are exactly what I want to say," she shares.

Check out the whole interview, and tune in to Episode 2 of "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life" next Tuesday at 11/10c!

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