See GIFs Of The 'Nitro Circus Live' Cast Goofing Off In Germany


Although the "Nitro Circus Live" athletes are technically adults, many of them missed the maturity memo that comes along with turning 18. But, when you're paid to travel the world and perform life-threatening tricks every night, we imagine actually growing up would only hinder the creative juices, so let your freak flags fly, "Nitro" crew!

Lest we forget, "Nitro" chronicles a professional tour, and the job of wrangling the madness rests solely on the shoulders of producer Jeremy Rawle. "Traveling with all these young, A.D.D. athletes is always a mess," he confessed during last night's episode. While we understand Jeremy's pain, his ragtag band of Peter Pans is exactly what makes this show so special -- where else would we get the perfect combination of goofball antics and sick stunts?

In celebration of the chaos, we've clipped out the most GIF-worthy moments from last night, including one pretty amazing athletic feat, because, at the end of the day, these guys still have a job to do. Check 'em out, below!


Ah, Bilko...the little brother Jolene never wanted.


Get a room. Sheesh!


That's one way to get a workout in.


Steve Mini demonstrates the unofficial "Nitro" hustle.


Jeremy Foster lands a triple backflip!

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