'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Kailyn Makes Moves To Set Up Family Counseling With Jo


Kailyn and Javi are considering a possible relocation on "Teen Mom 2," but before they can even think about their relationship's next few steps, Kailyn has some unfinished business with Jo, and must complete court-ordered family counseling to help mend fences with her ex. In this bonus scene, Kail takes charge of the situation and schedules the first appointment so she can finally begin moving on.

"I'd pretty much like to start as soon as possible," Kailyn tells a local family therapist over the phone, aware that the sooner she finishes counseling, the sooner she'll be able to completely invest in her current relationship. Naturally, Kail wants to know what the counseling actually entails, as she's never done it before, and the therapist assures her it's an open and safe environment where she and Jo can work toward joint goals that will lead to successful co-parenting. Here's hoping they both take it seriously, because it sounds like Isaac will benefit most from a respectful relationship between his parents.

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