Ke$ha Proves She's Equal Parts Human And 'Animal' On Her 'Crazy Beautiful' Premiere [Video]


If you've been to a Ke$ha show, you can attest to the fact that the pop star is superhuman on stage, but tonight, on the premiere of "My Crazy Beautiful Life," the artist's devoted fans -- or, her Animals -- got to see a side of their idol they might not have otherwise. From shared tales of heartbreak to a touching, empathetic moment with a fan who called Ke$ha's music lifesaving, the glitter queen proved she's much more than a lion or tiger; she is, in fact, a human being.

During the kickoff of her docu-series, Ke$ha opened up about her personal life and addressed her struggles in earnest. She admitted that nowadays, those might be different from her fans', but that doesn't mean a broken heart or an ego bruised by bullies hurts any less. The memory of her relationship with her ex, Harold, inspired her to go on an all-out stalking fest, and later, melt into a puddle of sentiment on the beach while remembering their time together. "I know that falling in love is dangerous," Ke$ha said. "But it's what most great songs are written about."

Later, after a particularly killer show, Ke$ha got word that blogger Perez Hilton was somewhere in the crowd, and that he actually gave her performance a good review. All she could consider, however, was the hurt he'd inflicted upon leaking "sex pictures" of her and constantly chipping away at her personality and physical appearance. "He just hated me," Ke$ha said. "He made fun of everything I did...every move I made. He single-handedly ruined the only relationship that's ever meant anything to me." Still, Ke$ha was able to redirect her hurt into helping one young fan who said he'd been relentlessly bullied. This week she even became Love is Louder’s newest celebrity ambassador, and is asking her fan army to take a stand online -- find out more at MTV Act!

+ Were you surprised to see such a vulnerable side of Ke$ha? Tell us what you thought of the "Crazy Beautiful Life" premiere, and hang tight for next week's episode!

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