'Awkward.' Poll: Could You See Matty Dating Sadie Someday?


Before their official DTR, Matty and Jenna's relationship had always been a little "Awkward." The current couple started out as secret hook-up buddies, then transitioned into just-friends (with secret feelings for each other) after Jenna started dating Jake. It took an entire two seasons for them to finally buck up, admit their love for one another and commit to an exclusive relationship, but since then, things have been going pretty swell. Or, they were, until Jenna confided in Jake about her pregnancy scare before telling Matty, which caused him to seek solace where we never would have expected: in Sadie.

Since "Awkward" first kicked off, Matty and Sadie's friendship has transcended their respective relationships with Jenna (the former has been a big fan, while the latter...not so much), and when Sadie needed a shoulder to lean on during tonight's episode, Matty was the only one willing to lend it. His chat with Sadie was effortless, which, as he pointed out, was in opposition to his sometimes stilted connection with Jenna. See where we're going with this?

Ultimately, after vowing to work on their communication, Matty and Jenna moved forward with their relationship, but we couldn't help but wonder: Could Matty and Sadie someday be a possibility? Hmm...

+ Tell us what you think -- could you see Matty and Sadie dating since they're such close friends? Take our poll, and tell us your reaction to tonight's episode in the comments!

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