Melanie Iglesias Thinks Guys Will Be Shocked By 'Girl Code' [Video]


As a "Guy Code" staple, Melanie Iglesias (pictured with Lisa Ramos) knows a thing or two about men.

Now that "Guy Code" has a sister show, "Girl Code," on MTV, men can finally get some lessons on how women work. But, according to Melanie Iglesias, they might not exactly like -- or expect -- what they see. In the interview clip below, Melanie, who's come to understand male behavior pretty well as a member of the "Guy Code" cast, explains that dudes might get more than they bargain for when they tune in to "Girl Code," but that doesn't mean they should avoid it. There are lessons to learn here, gentlemen!

"I think [guys] are gonna love ['Girl Code'], but they're also gonna be terrified," Melanie says, citing trips to the gynecologist as an example of upcoming topics. "There's literally a whole segment on penises," she continues, and says that when guys finally hear no-filter female commentary about their most beloved organ, they might get one big ego-check. We'd say sorry...if we actually meant it.

Check out the clip, and don't forget to tune in to the "Girl Code" series premiere tonight at 10:30/9:30c!

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Photo: Melanie's Instagram