Whether They Like It Or Not, Teen Mothers Are Forever Linked To Their Children's Fathers


By Lauren Mann of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Getting over past loves can be difficult for anyone, but when you and your ex share more than just memories -- kids, for instance -- that struggle increases exponentially. Not only do teen moms have to involve lawyers every time a custody-related decision needs to be made, there's also the obligation to remain in constant -- but cordial -- contact because of pickups and drop-offs. Being civil with someone you've broken up with is never easy, but it's important to set a good example for the children.

All of the "Teen Mom 2" girls --  Kailyn, in particular -- need to keep their exes up to date on what's going on their lives, since it will impact the guys as well. Though Kail waited it out, she finally told Jo about her engagement, Javi joining the Air Force and the fact that she may even relocate with Isaac. Negotiation and compromises haven't always come easy to these two, but with the help of their counseling sessions, they'll hopefully be able to figure out an arrangement that works for both of them.

It takes a lot of determination and patience to raise a child with someone you'd rather not be involved in your life at all. A child won't make your relationship stronger and a baby definitely won't make him stay. If you're not so sure you want to stay connected to someone long after you've broken up, make sure to protect yourself from anything unplanned. For more information on all the methods of birth control out there, check out www.bedsider.org.

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