'World Of Jenks' Poll: Will Old Habits Die Too Hard For D-Real?


Since Season 2 of "World Of Jenks" premiered last month, D-Real, a gang member-turned-dancer from Oakland, California, has proven to be Jenks' source of zen. After the young father's brother was killed in a shootout, D-Real committed to a life apart from the violent streets, and has so far stuck to the straight and narrow. But last week, a disagreement at a friendly neighborhood dance battle turned loud when a rival group tried to get a rise out of D-Real's team, the Turf Feinz, and when a security guard intervened tonight, D-Real saw red, threatened the man with gun violence and completely did away with his efforts to achieve peace.

"I will shoot that n***a dead in his head, boy," D-Real shouted as he finally followed the guard's instruction to leave, inciting a noticeable sadness in his mother, who had just watched her son perform live for the first time. Jenks seemed out of sorts, too, and with days to think about the incident, was irritated by D-Real's hypocrisy. Even more troubling, D-Real was convinced he received a physical threat from the man that had never really come. He was resistant to Jenks' criticism, but finally considered his wrongdoing, and when he spoke to a group of troubled youth at a juvenile detention center about escaping a life of crime, he seemed back on track. But what's to say he won't snap again?

+ What do you think -- was D-Real's blowup an isolated slip, or will it happen every time things get tense? Take our poll, and tell us your reaction to tonight's confrontation.

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