'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Does Jenelle Have A Shot At Ever Getting Jace Back?


Financial troubles aside, Jenelle is at risk for way more than just losing her home if Kieffer follows through with his promise to buy her dope (that's code for heroin, folks). During her fight with Barbara on tonight's "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle claimed she was clean, and then vowed to regain custody of Jace and run away with him. But with an eviction notice, bills piling up and very little money coming in, the troubled young mother sunk deep into a depression that had her reaching for drugs rather than fighting for her son.

As her world crumbled around her, the one person she confided in, Kieffer, fueled her delusions by making up excuses and concocting unrealistic plans: "It could be worse," he said. "We'll move somewhere else before they kick us out." Of course, that never happened, and by the end of the episode, Kieffer had come up with his most destructive idea yet: to use the last $70 between the two of them to score drugs. This is truly do or die time for Jenelle.

+ At the rate she's going, do you think it's possible Jenelle will ever turn things around and get custody of her son? Take our poll, and head over to MTV's Act Blog for information on substance abuse and depression.

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