Riff Raff Puts Some 'Ridiculous' Moves On Chanel...Remember When He Was A Lowly 'G'? [Video]


Riff Raff might've had the swag of a private jet full o' Justin Biebers to help him charm a seemingly smitten Chanel on last week's "Ridiculousness" finale, but if you think back a bit, you'll recall that he was once just a roughnecked G. The mall-phobic man with many braids tried his hand at gettin' classy during "From G's To Gents"' second season, but was ousted early on by Fonzworth Bentley. Judging by the advice Riff received from his former mentor in the MTV.com video below, however, he has since grown by leaps and bounds. Cool customer, here!

"You about the shine, you about the bling, you go hard -- and I'm not mad atcha, brother," Fonzworth says in the clip that dates all the way back to 2009. "But a lot of the guys here...I think it threw them off." Fonzworth then tells RR that sincerity is something he's got to work on if he wants people to take him seriously, and judging by the GIF above, we think he got the message -- that flirty little love-touch certainly looks genuine! Did Rob Dyrdek accidentally play Cupid?

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