Meet The Most Naked Cast Member Of 'Nitro Circus Live': Dusty Wygle [Sneak Peek]


The "Nitro Circus Live" pros are some of the most bad-ass athletes in the world, but one in particular goes balls to the wall every time...literally. In this sneak peek of the next episode, Dusty Wygle presents himself as the group's resident semi-nudist, which might also make him the group's craziest mo-fo. At least he wears a helmet.

So what drives Dusty's desire to perform most of his tricks in a Speedo? "[He] probably has the most resi-burn out of anybody in this tour, because he seems to think being half-naked while doing his stunts is so much better," Jolene says in the clip, trying to explain Wygle's thought process. But when a boogie board blunder leaves Dusty with a major butt bruise, it might just finally force him to put some darn clothes on. Or not. "It burns good," he remarks of the gnarly wound. (Like we said: crazy.)

Don't miss a brand new episode of "Nitro Circus Live" tonight at 11/10c on MTV2!

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