Leah Calvert Responds To 'Teen Mom 2' Fan Criticism Of Her Child Support Request [Video]


Maci Bookout and Leah Calvert may not be teenagers anymore, but they can still very much relate to each other's complicated lives as young mothers. They understand one another in a way that someone who hasn't walked in their shoes cannot, which made Maci the perfect person to deliver your questions and comments to Leah during a recent online chat we set up for them. Among the topics discussed: Leah's new baby, Adalynne (more pics are on the way, she promises!), the status of her relationship with her biological dad (he's living with her and Jeremy!) and her response to "Teen Mom 2" fan criticism that she asked Corey for too much child support.

"People want to blame me and how I was so horrible," she says in a clip from the full interview below. "If I was a horrible person, and really mean to Corey, I would have took him for the $1200 that I could have got; but instead, I wanted to work with him." Maci is empathetic, and shudders at the thought of ever needing to have the same discussion with Bentley's father. "I completely agree with you, but Ryan is so difficult I would have to figure out a way to do it without having to rip his head off," she says. Ah, some things really do never change.

Check out the video below to hear the girls talk more about the subject of child support, and watch the entire Q&A here.

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Photos: Brendan Tobin