The Guys And Girls Of The 'Code' Break Down Bathroom Etiquette [Sneak Peek]


Pro-ballers may be going head-to-head at the NBA playoffs this weekend, but MTV2's got a match-up centuries in the making. During a special "Guy Code" marathon this Saturday, some of the cast of the "Code" franchise will face off in an all out battle of the sexes, and in this "Code Wars" sneak peek, the guys and gals dive into the gender rules of the restroom to debate who's got it worse.

To start, the "Girl Code" reps tell designated ref, Charlamagne Tha God (a little biased, eh?), about the strenuous squatting techniques women must endure to avoid touching the actual seat...because public bathrooms are disgusting. "You have to even out the weight, and then you do a kegel in-between," Jessimae says as she and the others demonstrate. While the men did not come prepared to act out the urinal "Code," Andrew Schulz manages to break down the laws of the buffer zone with his T-shirt. Well played, sir.

Check out more clips at the Guy Code blog, and don't miss "Code Wars" during tomorrow's marathon, starting at 1p/12c on MTV2!

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