This Week Sucked. Take A Second To Smile With These Feel-Good Pics From The MTV Family


"Not the faintest idea why I named him #Teddy," @AnastasiaMTV of "Real World" kiddingly wrote about her pup.

Saying it's been a trying week is an understatement, right? If you've been glued to news coverage, scrolling through the latest Texas and Boston updates on your Twitter timeline or, heaven forbid, in the thick of the chaos, you're probably more than emotionally exhausted. We're right there with you. There's not much that can hearten people in times like these, but we figured we'd at least try to lighten the mood with some happy photos shared by various MTV stars. They're not cure-alls, but they're definitely something to smile at.


An unknown man gave @NikkiGlaser a behind-the-back thumbs up for no particular reason. We love NY.


Has @KailLowry found a new lovebird? Pucker up, fella!


Popcorn, a pug and a French bulldog? Yup @ChelseaHouska's daughter, Aubree, is totally living every kid's dream.


@HiJessicaLu's friendship with Taco Bell is stronger than ever. Feeling better yet?


Looks like he could laugh at the drop of a hat, so...yup, must be @ChanelWestCoast's pup!


"Nikki & Sara LIVE" was renewed for a second season AND Ms. Schaefer tweeted this gem of a pic from her earlier years.


Annnnd, @TheEvanStarkman's pooch is headed out for a fancy affair. Won't you smile for her?

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