MTV Twitter Roundup: Snooki's Little Man Is Almost Walking!


Lorenzo will be strutting his stuff to the tanning salon in no time!

They really do grow up so quickly! This week, Snooki updated her social media followers on baby 'Enzo's latest milestone: crawling! Sigh, before we know it, little Lorenzo LaValle will be a college man. While he's not exactly being dropped off at the dorms yet, he's certainly come a long way since his days as an immobile gas-machine. We'll never forget about those toxic farts, 'Enzo -- no matter how big you get.

Elsewhere on MTV-centric social media this week, the usually snarky Sara Schaefer implored her followers to be kind after a particularly rough week, while Molly Tarlov's last few days were all about basking in the glow of being confused for a diva (we see the resemblance, Molls!). And though Kaylin from "World Of Jenks" is still captivated by the clothes her first New York employer designs, JWOWW would probably prefer her Hollywood crush to be at least partially nude when she sees him next.

Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week!


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Photo courtesy of Snooki's Celebuzz