The 'Nitro Circus Live' Crew Leaves Their Mark In A German Skate Park [Sneak Peek]


There's no doubt the "Nitro Circus Live" athletes are taking full advantage of their trip across the pond. From racing reindeer to swimming in Sweden's icy waters, these thrill-seekers have been making their mark in Europe with adrenaline trailing behind them! However, the gang decides to calm it down in this sneak peek of the next episode, and leaves their "Nitro" stamp in Germany using art rather than tricks.

While in Mellowpark (Europe's biggest outdoor sports park), the motocross superstars decide to commemorate their visit with a mural featuring the "Nitro Circus" logo, but not all of the pros are Picassos-in-training. "This is what we're going for guys," Aaron Sauvage says, referencing the design that features a play on the American flag with stars on the blue and not the red, like they had been painting. Once the not-so-artistic "Nitro" guys are out of the picture, the mural starts to take shape. "It does look much better now that all the idiots are out of here," Dov Ribnick says. Don't quit your day jobs, y'all!

Check out the clip, and don't miss an all-new "Nitro Circus Live" Tuesday night at 11/10c on MTV2!

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