Swiping Someone's Poop Or Pissing In A Bucket During Class: Which #FAIL Was Worse?


"If you ever got a face tattoo, tweeted about fun bags or took a Hobbit to the prom, we're onto you."

Ten episodes in, and, yes, Hasan Minhaj, you've officially got us pegged. On tonight's "Failosophy," which featured a spectacular pinch-hit performance by Nikki Glaser, the panelists had a whole lot of bathroom humor to toss around, and we're not ashamed to say that pee and poo will always give us the giggle fits. Still, there were three bodily function mishaps that left us ROFLing -- check 'em out and tell us which #FAIL really did you in.

First, among the TVs-for-sale and apartment listings on Craigslist, one online user took to Missed Connections in search of a medical assistant who'd stolen his stool sample! Uhh, guy? Some things are better sorted out in private. And privacy was something another girl couldn't identify with, as once, during a school lock-down, she was forbidden from going to the bathroom, and wound up having to relieve herself in a bucket behind a floor-to-ceiling Mercator map...in front of the entire class. Safe to assume she's going to prom stag?

Finally, in a similar tale, one Halloweener had to whiz so badly that when his costume's zipper malfunctioned, he had no choice but to let nature take its course. Trick or treat, indeed!

Which #FAIL earns your vote for the Hall of Shame this week? Take our poll!

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