Which 'Awkward.' Characters Would Beau Mirchoff Be Friends With IRL? [Video]


The cast of "Awkward" are thick as thieves -- Jillian Rose Reed is IRL besties with Molly Tarlov, and Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern are two hunky peas in a pod. But what about the characters they play on the show? Would any of the actors befriend the likes of Jenna, Tamara and Jake? Beau had some things to say (under his breath) on the matter in our recent interview with him and Molly.

After listing Matty, Jenna and Jake as people he'd gladly chill with, Beau put on his best politician hat and told us, "I think all of the main cast...[has] their likabilities and qualities that...I would connect with." We called BS on the claim, assuring him there was no need for diplomacy, and that's when the truth came out. "There's no one I wouldn't get along with," he reiterated, but then pointed at Molly while mouthing, "except for maybe her." Theeeere we go! Not even the friendliest guy in the world would invite Sadie Saxton over for a singalong. She's simply...not welcome.

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