'Teen Mom' Sneak Peek: Barbara Calls Jenelle Out For Slipping Back Into Her Pre-Rehab Ways


Well, Barbara's finally getting her "I told yahhh so" moment. On the last "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle confessed that she was having money troubles, and was less concerned with paying her rent than smaller bills like her cell phone and cable charges (she had a point -- it takes a lot more time to get evicted than for Verizon to kill "Game of Thrones"). In this sneak peek from the next episode, Jenelle and her mother regress to their screaming matches of seasons past, as Kieffer -- doing what he does best -- provokes from nearby.

"You have not changed," Barb yells at Jenelle after she admits she's still behind on rent. "You're the same -- when you met him, and you two were homeless and got arrested?...Deja vu!" she screams. "I don't need your f**king help," Jenelle fires back, to which Barbara says that selling weed pipes (Jenelle corrects her -- they're "tobacco" pipes, apparently) is not lucrative enough to support a child.

The fight spirals out of control, and that's when Jenelle goes for the kill shot, insulting Barb's job. "You're a deli person that's gonna work at Walmart the rest of your f**king life," she shouts. Pretty low blow, but the irony of Jenelle criticizing her mother's means of supporting Jace is enough to make Barb brush it off and head out the door, Jace in tow. When Jenelle asks her son for a kiss goodbye, he refuses. Watch the heartbreaking scene here:

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